Friday, January 14, 2011

Extra 20% off at Michael's

Click below for an extra 20% off of your entire purchase. Did you know you can usually use these in combination with the 40% & 50% off coupons? Some of the clerks will do it, no problem, but with some you have to be a bit more persistent. The computer does accept it. Just ask! Unfortunately, I don't have a link to a 40% or 50%, but there are some blogs that post them. Happy shopping!
20% off Michael's Coupon

From my happy place to yours,


Paula said...

Thanks for the heads up on the coupons! The closest Michael's to me is an hour and half away (maybe that's a good thing!)but I always use coupons when I get over there. Thanks for becoming a follower! You have a great blog!

East Shore Lane Designs said...

Thanks Paula! I would save a lot of money if my closest Michaels was an hour away. I have 5 within 30 minutes! It's the death of my wallet!!!!
Debbie :)