Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cricut Addiction?

Just in case you were wondering...this is what happens when cartridges are ridiculously cheap and you have five Michael's stores near you. The sad part? I only went to four of them. :-/ My wallet & I are safely at home now so, no worries. :)


Michellesmyname said...

Congrats! You're gonna' have fun with these. I love finding cartridges on sale!

Angela said...

wow, that was therapy! I couldn't believe how cheap they were either.
Happy Crafting. Which one will you start with?

Simple Creations

East Shore Lane Designs said...

I need to make Valentine's Day Cards, so I'll probably start with A Childs Year. I'm also really excited to get into From My Kitchen! It's so cute!

adeas said...

I'm glad u got all these so that I can steal...I mean borrow them!

East Shore Lane Designs said...

Oh, baby Deas! I actually though of you when I was buying because so many of them have lots of school stuff on them. You can make bulletin boards for days...years even!

t00precious said...

I always bid on carts from ebay. I know am the proud owner of 45 carts.
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