Friday, July 29, 2011

motivation & time saving

this is my first video post, but i didn't shoot it. my sister and i were talking (texting) tonight. i was telling her how i don't feel motivated lately to make anything. because we have our own business, it sometimes just feels like one more thing i have to do. she shot and sent me this quick video that some of you may find helpful. it's a pretty simple idea, but I hadn't really thought of it before. when she doesn't feel like committing to a whole project, she just stamps and stores extra sentiments. it's kind of a nice way to do something small and productive without making a huge commitment...and have some fun with your stamps! i do mostly paper crafts, but i bet this can work for all crafters. if you sew, maybe do some cutting. if you knit or crochet, make some sample blocks to measure the gauge for a future project. if you paint, prep a canvas or play around with mixing some new colors. at least you'll feel like you got a little something done.

ps - i <3 my sister. she's pretty awesome.

from my happy place to yours,

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